Tree Care Instructions


  • When you bring your tree home, saw a couple inches off the bottom of the trunk before setting in water. When NC Christmas trees are cut, pitch oozes out and seals the pores. By sawing off the base, you will open up the pores, and the tree will be able to absorb water.
  • Watering is critical. A freshly-cut tree can consume a gallon of water in 24 hours!
  • Fill the tree stand with water and keep it filled.
  • Never let the water level go below the tree’s base. The tree will callus its wound much like we callus our wounds. This will stop the uptake of water and will require a new, fresh cut (if this should happen, drilling holes in the side of the trunk near the base under the filled water line with a cordless drill is an option vs. taking the tree down for a fresh cut)
  • Indoors, keep the tree away from heating ducts or other heat sources. In fact, the lower the temperature, the better the tree will do.
  • Some people add aspirin or sugar to the water for their NC Christmas trees; we can’t say whether either helps. Again, water is the vital element.